RS virus vaccine

RS virus is a respiratory infection virus that, like influenza, causes pneumonia; RS virus infections are generally mild in adults, but can cause hospitalization for pneumonia, especially if there is an underlying medical condition. It is as contagious as influenza and can have a similar or slightly higher mortality rate.

The efficacy of the adult RS virus vaccine (Arexvy ®︎) against the development of lower respiratory tract disease caused by RS virus in adults aged 60 years and older was 82.5% and 94.6%, especially in adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, chronic respiratory/lung disease, diabetes, chronic heart failure, advanced liver or renal disease. Major adverse reactions were reported as swelling or pain at the vaccination site in 60% and fatigue/muscle pain in 30%.

At present, the vaccine is supposed to be given once a year in fall and winter. There are no restrictions on the interval between vaccinations with other vaccines (except the corona vaccine), and simultaneous vaccination is possible.

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